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I’m seriously not a jerk like others..

I know some of you want me to notice you. I’m trying my best, which is why if I see your name a lot on the activity log I’ll eventually follow you too.  I know you want me to notice you, and I will. :] AND if you’re too shy to ask me something..don’t be. I don’t get many questions on tumblr because no one asks me anything. So please..fill that box up until you reach your ask limit. :]

For those who are interested..

Some of you, (you know who you are. ) want to learn from me. I’ve seen comments about it in your re-blogs. I think its pretty awesome you would like to learn from me.

Well i’m no great teacher and I don’t have a degree in art history or anything like that ..but I know my stuff. I’m thinking about giving lessons on skype . I can’t teach you how to draw or become a great artist but I can teach you impressive techniques that will make you and your artwork better.That includes painting techniques as well. I can’t make you change your style (like if you’re into line art or painting without lines) or own techniques but that’s for you to interpret those into your own artwork. Nothing I teach you should change how you draw or paint your characters or creatures..I mean it change it to make it better obviously but nothing that will change who you are and how you draw. (I hope I typed that out right lol) I’ll try my best to show you everything I could possibly teach you to help you out in the long run. Nothing I show you is going to be 100% accurate , these are just how I came to be and hopefully these techniques and lessons will turn out the better for you. So IF You’re interested..feel free to Inbox me on here , my fan page on facebook or email me at . These lessons will be 100% free by the way.(For drawing and digitally painting) I’ll only charge if i’m showing you how to use programs like photoshop, after effects or something like that.  

I WILL NOT AND I SAY, WILL NOT TEACH OR SHOW ANYTHING TO ANYONE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE SORT OF PATIENCE FOR DRAWING, PAINTING ETC.. IF YOU CAN’T BE PATIENT WITH ME THERE IS NO WAY IN 1,000,000,000,000 YEARS I WILL BE TOTALLY PATIENT WITH YOU. KNOWN FACT. You have been warned. I’m being dead on serious with this.  Please everything I show you, practice on your own time and at your own pace.. I will respect that but don’t do it on my time teaching you. I don’t want to hear any sob stories.. (Sorry If I sounded a little harsh there but I take my art seriously..and If i’m teaching you, you should too.)

:what I will help you with :

.Anatomy. Hands. Feet. Faces. Skeletons. Skulls. Painting techniques. Poses. Environments. Creative thinking. Backgrounds. Drawing paces. Practices. Drawing and painting Exercises. Lighting. Shading. Color theory.Etc etc..

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